An Aperitif

(1 Hour)

Let's share a few moments together, however brief, plenty to taste.

4000 HKD

Unwind & Connect

(2 Hours)

It's time we unwind and connect. Let's leave the world where it is and enter into a place just for us.

7000 HKD

Blissful Encounter

(3 Hours)

This is ours. Every moment, every touch, every lingering feeling.

10,000 HKD

Delight or Overnight

(6 Hours/12 hours)

Reserved for mature, discerning gentleman. We may begin our day or evening with the sweetest indulgences. A date to ignite the senses and create the best addiction.

14,000 HKD- 6 hours

17,300 HKD- Overnight

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