Questions with Camille

Where are you from?

I am from a charming state in the USA. Although I have spent a considerable amount of time overseas, I have a soft spot for my hometown and its' quaint southern elements. 


Can you send me a picture of your face?

For purposes of discretion and privacy as an exclusive model and international travel companion, I do not share photos of my face. You can rest assured the woman waiting to greet you with enthusiasm will be as beautiful as she is brilliant. 


Can I see more pictures?

I share many up-to-date photos on my social media accounts. Feel free to check my Instagram account or other social media under the name: @Ms_Blake1


Are your rates negotiable? 

Simply, no. Please do not ask.


What will you wear on our dates?

I enjoy dressing appropriately for the occasion; whether that be dinner, work event, cinema, a dramatic show, or a concert. I will only shine you up! 


Can I book a same day appointment with you?

I have a strong preference for well-planned dates as I enjoy the anticipation of meeting someone. Kindly plan in advance so I can accommodate your requests.

Do you meet (insert ethnicity/nationality) people?

Absolutely! I am a very cultured woman who values diversity & mutual respect in interactions.

Do you meet couples?

Yes, please inquire for details.

May I use you as my reference?

Yes, please send me an email prior to.

What can I expect from our time together? 

You can expect an authentic experience. I am often joyful and enthusiastic. I am affectionate and soft, while maintaining an engaging presence. I love indulging in thoughtful conversation over dinner or cocktails. Let's meet, I can only promise the beginning of a sweet addiction. 

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