Fly Me To You

Bring Your Fantasy Wherever You Desire.


Perhaps you have wondered how my petite frame would look lounging about on the chaise against the city skyline or the contrast of white sands on my perfectly brown-skinned body after your final call for the evening...dream no more lets jump into action! 

This is an option for a decisive man who is more than willing to invest in his fantasies. Bring your desires to life (and to your suite) with this exclusive Fly Me To You option. I am passport ready (with plenty of experience travelling internationally) & love to travel domestically in the US. 

A Few Thoughts:

  • I require a deposit of 50% to secure FMTY bookings.

  • FMTY is an option for established and new friends; for new friends requesting a FMTY exclusive date screening will be extensive

  • Airfare is not included in my rates, please plan to send the appropriate airline gift card to my email address to cover flight expenses

  • For extended travel (4h+) I require Business/First Class accommodations; for shorter duration it is very much appreciated but not required.




  • Overnight $2000 (12h)

  • Deep-Dive $4000 (24h)

  • A Timeless Weekend (48h) $7000

  • A Week of Bliss  - $20,000 (up to 7 days)​

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